When Seveco was founded in 1982, its foundation was built on a set of core values that stand firm to this day. Seveco's continued growth, long standing client base and team of exceptional employees are a testament to the importance and effectiveness of these core values.

Our Vision

​To be a versatile, best-of-class electronic manufacturing
service provider with design capability

​Core Values

  • ​Customer First We embrace the business goals of our clients by providing highly competitive quality, cost, service and overall value.
  • Mutual Respect We respect the dignity of individuals, support an appropriate balance between work and personal life, and foster an open environment through which trust and honesty prevail. We recognize the value of our supply chain and treat our suppliers with trust and dignity.
  • Pursuit of Excellence We maintain a solid infrastructure and an efficient, highly-trained workforce. We commit to continuous improvement of our skills, processes, and hardware.
  • Social Responsibility We are a contributing, participative member of our community. We assume a leadership role in all social and environmental issues.

Our Facilities

Hong Kong Headquarters

​Provides professional & satisfactory service for worldwide customers.

  • 5,000 square foot office space
  • Program Management
  • Logistics
  • Account Management
  • Accounting

Manufacturing Facility, China

​Wholly owned land & facility provide flexible, cost effective and high quality EMS solutions.

  • 65​,000 square meter (16 acres) purchased Aug 2005, occupied in 2010
  • 375,000 square foot current production area, expandable for higher capacity
  • Accommodation provided for families as well as single workers
  • On-site nursery provided for children of employees
  • Expanded recreational facilities including soccer pitch, basketball court, gym, children playground, etc.

Manufacturing Facility, Philippines

​Seveco establishes new manufacturing facility in Philippines to enhance flexibility towards multi-national trade.

  • Located in city of Clark, 10 minutes from International Airport and a 2 hour drive north of Manila
  • Total Manufacturing Floor Area - 46,000 square foot
  • Launch in March 2020

​Fulfillment Center, Dallas, Texas, ​USA

​​Seveco provides value added service for customers ​with no warehousing or fulfilment operations in the United States.

  • Centrally located in the continental USA
  • Providing import location, warehouse & fulfillment service
  • Field services and warranty repair capabilities

​Culture of Caring

At Seveco we have a culture of treating employees and their children like family. We provide our employees and their family members with activities and facilities on our campus to have a work life balance. 

Dorm Rooms

​Seveco provides humanized & comfortable rooms for staff & operators.

  • 4 person rooms for single operators
  • Family rooms provided for couples
  • Single & double rooms provided for engineers & supervisors
  • Full air-conditioned​ & built-in washroom for each room
  • Individual desk, cabinet & wardrobe provided for each person in all room styles
  • Laundry service ​on-site


​Seveco is a​ware of wellness & all-round needs of our staff, we make sure our staff enjoy their time oustide work.

  • Life & extended run-in testing
  • Spots facilities: real grass soccer pitch, basket field, indoor badminton court, indoor & outdoor table-tennis, gym.
  • Recreation facilities: Karaoke room, music room, library, automatic mahjong machine.
  • Hobbies & activities: dancing, Yoga, gardening, monthly birthday parties, festival greeting parties, social servicing.

​Child Care Center

​​​Seveco take care kids of our employees, staff can enjoy family lives without leaving their children in home town.

  • Operated by qualified teachers & social workers
  • Send the kids to an official school & back
  • Arrange meals
  • Offer academic & social skills training
  • Provide over-night accommodation service

​Summer Camps

Seveco holds summer camps for kids during the  summer holiday every year.

  • Water activities
  • Social Servicing
  • Team building workshop
  • Leadership training workshop
  • English workshop

​Build your next product with us!

​We work with companies of all sizes to build world class products.