At Seveco, we thrive on solving complex engineering challenges. ​​​​We have ​a proven approach to take ​our customers products from the concept phase to a high quality finished good. ​​Our ​innovation and collaboration with customers ensures products are designed for ​manufacturing and quality. 

Once products ​developments are finished, customers have the option to use our supply chain and fulfillment services. This service is perfect for companies that don't have an established supply chain and warehousing partners. 



We work with customers to refine a product concept into a set of requirements, that achieves both the product purpose and streamlined manufacturing. 



Our design team aims to reduce the number of parts, create a modular design, use standard components, design parts to be multi-functional, make fabrication easy, and minimize assembly directions.


Modeling & Testing

We build product prototypes to validate the product design, assembly steps, tooling, and test assemblies. We make sure both the mechanical and electrical design of products we make are fully vetted prior to production runs.  


Production Requirements

We prepare for our manufacturing runs by providing material forecasts, procurement plan, reliability test plan, functional test plan, custom testing fixtures and assembly jigs, work instructions and fine tooling.



We customize our manufacturing floor to meet the specific needs for our customers products and production scale. This includes clean rooms for IP67 products.


Quality Assurance & Testing

We adapt our quality assurance and testing process to match our production scale by building custom test fixtures, conducting testing in specialized rooms and using dedicated equipment to test unique products.


Shipping & Fulfillment

We ship finished goods directly from our manufacturing facility or provide additional supply chain services for customers that want to take advantage of our warehouse in Dallas, Texas.

​Build your next product with us!

​We work with companies of all sizes to build world class products.