​Types of Work We Do

At Seveco we work with customers that need OEM or ODM types of manufacturing. ​


Original Equipment Manufacturer




By DFM process, Seveco transform customer's own design from prototype to Manufacture & Assembly,  potential design problem would be figured out & solved at new product introduction (NPI) stage, dimensional tolerances would be well defined, cost efficient manufacturing process & on-line testing would be formulated, eliminate  ineffective product design risk & minimize waste. For standardization, stability & quality assurance, customized assembly jig & fixture would be applies in each work station, as well as 100% on-line testing. On-line & off line quality assurance ensure both cosmetics & functionality are up to standard. Reliability testing & life testing ensure the stability & reliability of the product quality & life.  


Original ​Design Manufacturing

​Conception - Development

Design - Production


Product design specification would be formulated with customers by transforming their ideas into real product, hardware & Software are developed by Seveco R & D team, including:

  • ​electronic PCB layout, schematic design
  • software programming
  • mechanical & injection mold tool design, mold throw analysis
  • facilitate Lab Test & Agency approval UL, ETL, CE, FCC, C-Tick, CSA, etc
  • Testing software & fixture design
  • Prototype evaluation & testing analysis for design improvement
  • Design Variation Testing for improvement on of achieving maximizing manufacturability & formulating cost effective manufacturing flow
  • Test plan & Quality assurance management

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